Kingdom Death – Thief/Complete

May 25, 2016
Entry for Sword and Brush 2016

Entry for Sword and Brush 2016


Ah, a nice clean slate. Switching to wordpress has been relatively painless, minus some of the rebranding/design work I had to do. So to start things off, here is a finished Kingdom Death -Thief on a living base. I’m considering entering her into the Sword and Brush show in September, which by then the base should be naturally filled in (more so than now). I’ve never entered into a competition before, but figure what the hell–I’ll probably learn something and hopefully make new friends (I have 1 other painter friend and I need more damnit!)

So a bit about this miniature, I originally bought it 7 months ago? Maybe a bit less than that. I only just built her this month and per normal ran into all kinds of issues with small, delicate pieces breaking. Part of her umbrella broke and I almost gave up there and then, but then figured she could probably still be salvaged. I patched up the remaining pieces with green stuff, so it sits lower than it’s supposed to be. I also didn’t put in her bangs because it would hide all the work I spent doing up her face. She is primed in black, painted in acrylics and oil and sealed in gloss and matte varnishes, depending on the areas (i.e. lips and eyes -gloss | cloth and skin – matte).

Now onto the base, which is really the only kind of base I like doing. Building terrariums was something I started doing in my early 20s and I have done both closed, opened, aquatic and carnivorous ones. I don’t do too many of them anymore since I entered into the corporate world, so I was happy to get a little creative with an antique specimen bell jar and 12 bucks worth of plants. The point of this base is that it changes and grows on its own, but the miniature doesn’t stay in there full time except for my purpose of using it for a competition and photo shoots. There is a fine layer of white sand in the middle where the soil doesn’t touch meant for the placement of minis. This is to prevent minimum moisture touching my work. The varnish will protect it from some condensation and pollutants, but it’s not meant to be a permanent fixture. Anything placed inside I would recommend at least 2-3 coats worth of varnish with 24 hours curing time in between coats.

Having this type of base means I can take out our troubled thief here at anytime and place in a new 28-35mm scale miniature for whatever purpose. It can frame different minis either for showcase, centerpieces, photos or competitions (if rules permit!) So if you like a relatively low-maintenance and vibrant base, give it a go!

Substrate: Garden soil, sand, perlite
Plants: Selaginella Kraussiana (spikefern), Muehlenbeckia (wandering wire vine), & Soleirolia soleirolii (baby tears)
Basing materials: small rocks and “forest” covering

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