Infinity: Mercenaries – McMurrough, Mercenary Dog-Warrior – WIP

June 9, 2016

Infinity: Mercenaries - McMurrough, Mercenary Dog-Warrior

With the right nudge, I will paint sci-fi stuff! In fact, I’ve been meaning to paint more of the infinity figures but at least now you know I don’t just paint fantasy casters:p Can’t take credit for some of the color scheme though (mainly that of the fur), since it was painted on request by the owner of the OC this was modeled after. His fursona has dark slate blue fur, white muzzle and neon blue eyebrows and nose. Love anthro miniatures, would definitely paint more.

Speaking of sci-fi miniatures, I really like the style of the Infinity units. It’s very “traditional” sci-fi compared to the warhammer 40k stuff, which I will also better acquaint myself with at some point. I would consider this a challenge, because it’s outside my comfort zone. I’m neutral about painting mech armor and guns, but I had a good time painting both! So surprise, surprise… Anyway, he’s almost done. Most of the work now is in the base I will be making inside the glass. The mini only needs some final touches on shading, some minor freehand, details and then he’s gonna be sealed. Will upload the finished version in my portfolio, but in the meantime thought you guys would like to see him:)

Annnd white is really difficult to photograph, especially in bright-ish natural light. Can’t see all the shading I did on it.

In between breaks, I’m working on another Reaper miniature and trying out some freehand to “relax” because I am a masochist. I was initially pretty proud of how intricate the pattern was until I washed over it with oil paints. Thems the breaks, I guess. Hopefully I will finish him soon.

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