Kingdom Death – Flower Knight (expansion)

July 5, 2016

kingdom death flower knight

Well, “expansion to a game I don’t own so I can make this” expansion. I wish they just had the flower knight miniature by itself and that it wasn’t sold out, but desperate measures. I don’t love ALL the KD miniatures but I do love a fair amount of them. The details on this particular one is astonishing and agonizing to paint:p

But there ya go, my official Sword and Brush entry (1/3, entitled “why am I doing this to myself”). That’s why I’ve been so quiet on the blog front and also because part way to finishing this entry, I started on the messenger bust. And not even 1/3 into the bust, I starting building the 3rd entry for the theme competition. It’s orcs and goblins if you’re curious. I chose a malifaux goblin kit.

But back to our watery friend, the freehand on the cape is supposed to be a rhinoceros beetle in flight aka my all-time favorite insect right along with moths and cicadas. Looking at it now, I wish I corrected certain things but I honestly can’t stand spending more than 2 weeks on one miniature. I find I improve faster if I can churn out things on the frequent (even if they are not perfect).

I actually added liquid polyurethane to the eye sockets to make them look like goggles, that’s why they’re reflecting so much light. They are not as domed as I intended them to be but like I said, I wanted to move on. The “water” is made of the same stuff. Took many layers and multiple days for it to set. They weren’t kidding about going slow on this stuff.

The rocks are just bark substrate for orchids with some moss and gamer grass on top. Still hate basing but I’m sorta proud of this one:)

Unrelated, I was watching the how-to-paint video from warhammer on Alarielle the Everqueen and god lord is that a gorgeous kit. Bit pricey for me at the moment, but it would be a grand undertaking:)

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