The Messenger (Galapagos Miniatures) – WIP

August 8, 2016

The Messenger (Galapagos Miniatures)


As the Sword and Brush contest is creeping closer and closer, I’ve been procrastinating like it’s going outta style playing the Legion beta (world of warcraft) and doing up the latest Diablo 3 Season. Still, I’m 120% sure this bust will be done by September:) It’s my first one, so I’m nervous, excited and a little proud to take him with me to my first contest.

I even PINNED the owl, after several failed attempts with epoxy. I’m going to protect the hell out of it because the owl’s entire weight is pinned to a small stem they call “leg”. One leg. Color me paranoid.

Back to the bust, I’ve been googling other people’s (stunning) work and I see a lot of Gandalf-like wizards and I, of course, NEEDED to be unique. I wanted mine to be slightly younger, with just a touch of gray in his hair. He’s blind in one eye because I was feeling an Odin vibe and had to do the fire mage magic beard. When I look at historical busts, I’m always floored by the hyper-realism that I hope to achieve one day. But because he’s a fantasy figure, I had to add the fantastical elements. Not too much, just enough to hint at a little spellwork:)

He is painted and shaded first in acrylic and then I continued with oil. I have since upgraded my oil paints from some noname brand to Winsor & Newton. Expensive but imo worth it. It’s slightly easier for me to work with than the cheaper alternative.

The owl is a bit of a challenge, never painted realistic birds before. I chose a barn owl instead of a snowy owl, which was what I wanted to go with prior. He’s color blocked in acrylic and I haven’t started refinement on him, yet. I will most likely leave the stand black, maybe with some basic highlighting. Hope you guys like him!

If you’re curious about what I play in WoW, I main a beast mastery hunter;)

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