Dark Sword Female Bard with Violin – Commission Complete

August 23, 2016

darksword miniature female bard with violin

Well this was a pleasure to paint, but also challenging with shading whites and blacks! And of course, the freehand;) I can’t seem to control myself when I see a large blank areas on a miniature now… Compared to the Flower Knight, she was also quite tiny. Then again, since working on the messenger bust, I’ve been spoiled with large areas to paint on and going back to 25mm is always a little bit hard at first.

The dress is painted in light blue, shaded in slate blue, light grays and violets and then highlighted in white. Truth be told, white was my highlight color. I added peach pinks to her elbows, knees and very lightly around the stomach because as a wearer of the odd white dress, there is a tiny, tiny degree of transparency to white cloth unless the material is super thick. I also added different shades of pinks to her skin tone to create the high fantasy type of pale skin. I think it compliments the dress!

Her cloak is done in similar shades of blues with the peonies done in silver, grays, whites and a little bit of black. The border is a simple branch design. The freehand is sealed in gloss varnish instead of matte. I also added a little bit of gloss varnish at the very top of her hair, so what you see is the highlight from the light – I didn’t paint in the white lines:)

The base is constructed from epoxy clay, pebbles, gamer grass and moss. The entire miniature is color blocked in acrylic and finished in oil. She’s ready to be shipped tomorrow to her name home! I hope the player will be very happy with her!

So on a personal note, we are moving out of our 1 bedroom apartment and into a little white house on a hill! As a first time home owner, we are really excited. And if you’re also a local Torontonian, then you know firsthand how awful the housing market is. In fact, we’re leaving the hustle of the city to live in the beautiful community of St. Catharines (we’re 15 minutes from Niagara Falls). The dream is made possible by my very rad manager, who allows me to work remote 85% of the time. Were it not for him agreeing to modify my contract to allow this, we would never be able to live as far.

And the second piece of accomplishment, I completed a staff. I don’t know why I wanted to make a staff, but man the idea bugged me until I finally went on amazon and bought a pine walking stick to convert into one. It’s intended to be a hiking stick with a fantasy twist. I spent a month sourcing the amethyst crystal point that went on top, then the rest of the natural stones (I chose moonstones, African opals, chrysoprase and glass cabochons) and the faux-leather satchel that loops through the top (lol my phone goes in there). Constructing it was also kind of a pain, but the end result is satisfying. Hopefully I’ll have pictures for you guys soon. There are spots I want to touch up with paint first and then reseal:)

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