Text Post – A Small Update

November 17, 2016

Sorry for the silence sans lambs, but as mentioned in my previous post we are now noobie home owners! I actually stopped taking commissions since October in order to get everything ready to live in, so ya know, we can cook food and sleep. Small town life is vastly different from the hustle and/or bustle of city life and I love it!

So now that we’re mostly unpacked, I am doing some art stuff again. Taking a break from the miniature front side of things (commissions being the exception!) to go back to doll customization as a change of pace, which means I may be blogging more about that for a bit. Never fear though, it’s normal for me to bounce between toy customization and miniature painting:) I am also going to try my hand at insect taxidermy, so…yeah I know it’s all pretty random.

In the meantime, be good and keep painting!!

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