Handmade Resin D&D Dice – Experimentation

February 13, 2017

resin warcraft legion D&D dice

Note: Artwork/Screenshot not by me and Warcraft is property of Blizzard. Dice/photo by me.

House ownership is apparently really time-consuming if you’re not satisfied with just squatting in an empty space eating cup noodles. I did very little painting, aside from some dolls I customized and sold (as an attempt to get rid of clutter!) I will probably be doing some mini painting in a another month or so, but in the meantime I’ve been making my own D&D dice and will be documenting some of my progress here as I acquire more and more molds. Any dice collectors here? I’m a certified dice hoarder, so this was a natural progression.

As a disclaimer, this is in NO WAY cheaper than buying regular dice (excluding the fancy smancy dice made of wood, metal, etc). Resin is expensive and the mold I commissioned was pricey but very well made; thus worth every penny. I made about 3-4 failed attempts in tinting, dying, and pouring before I started to understand the mercurial nature of resin. The above dice are my 12th or 13th attempt, made with mainly dry pigments, black art foil, small glass shards and misc sparkles.

Inspired by Warcraft Legion, more specifically Guldan and Suramar (an illusion??? what are you hiding?) the above was more of an excuse to use some pigments I bought from Stuart Semple and to try a gradient of sorts.

Now, you’re probably wondering if they’re balanced. In short I don’t believe they are perfectly balanced and random, but I also don’t believe factory dice are either with the exception of casino ones. But with 50 or so rolls, the results are seem pretty random and the dice don’t  appear to favor certain numbers more than others. In short, yes I would/will use these in game!

PS. Yes, I will be inking the numbers;)

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