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March 9, 2017
resin D&D dice


resin D&D dice

More experimentation with resin! Except this dice came from a mold I made myself, so the dice is a wee bit different than the tumbled look of the regular casts you see. I’ll show you guys more pictures in the near future since I also got a pretty hefty shipment of GLITTER from overseas. I just want to add them to EVERYTHING, you have no idea.

Other news, I backed the Kingdom Death kickstarter a while back just for the core game. To celebrate being $250 USD poorer in these trying home ownership times, I started up a new mini finally–the storm knight to be exact, which I hope to finish tomorrow before I go back to Toronto this weekend for Canada Blooms (plant nerd here).  I’m trying out a fast painting technique that will not yield sloppy results and it’s working out pretty well for me. I’m sure it’s not everybody’s cup of tea, as it involves three different medium (ink, acrylic, and oil). Ah the things I would do to quench my impatience. Again, the key here is not to yield rushed-looking results. Hopefully when I post it, you guys will like it!

Speaking of house fun, we are officially settled so bring on the commissions! Especially if you’re hankering for a custom painted D&D hero, I’ll handle all the logistics for you by ordering, cleaning, priming, painting, sealing, basing and then sending ’em back to you:) And whether you get custom work from me via this site or from my etsy store, I send all my customers small gifts. Just saying 😉


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