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March 22, 2017
Reaper Miniature Tiefling Mod



Reaper Miniature Tiefling Mod

I’m still working on my Storm Knight, but a tiefling bard was requested for a game for this Sunday so it had to take priority! Now I know the mini he chose was not only very unbard-like, but also human! Well, that’s alright because I think the 5th edition bard can wield daggers and swords (daggers at the very least) as starter weapons before advancing to lutes and what have you… And as for the human bit, I sculpted the horns and tail out of epoxy, which I think works well in this case. Sometimes, you gotta go with a customer’s pick and make do:)

The miniature is appox 25mm, but with these great wooden blocks, he looks bigger and more badass. The blocks are actually a recent thing I started doing for myself. You can find them in most craft stores like Michaels and they come in a bag of 10 cubes (?). I love them because they fit on map tiles and you can move your PC without touching the miniature, allowing the paint job to last forever (not to say you shouldn’t seal ’em, I still sealed this one). The basing on top is also sculpted from epoxy with added moss, pebbles and gamer grass.

All in all, this was a 5 hour job I think including basing, which I’m pretty happy about. Sadly the photos don’t pick out the finer details but I think all mini painters suffer from this from time to time.

BTW, I also finished The Messenger (Galapagos Miniatures), which is now displayed in my portfolio. Have a look if you are interested! He is my first bust, which I started in 2016 and finally finished after moving in Feb 2017. If I had to go back, I would not have used the base that came with it but I’m just glad he’s done and now residing in the living room:)

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