About Iris

I have been painting since 2014, although I have an art background (illustration mainly, high school art classes, some art history courses, watching that one documentary on the Lamorna colony, etc).

Normally I paint miniatures, although I’ve been known to tinker with other 3D canvases. My goal is to improve and I welcome you to share in my (mis)adventure of the brush.

I accept commissions! If you’re interested, check out the store section!

Tools: Acrylic paint, oil paint, india ink, winsor newton series 7 brushes in 0, 1, 2


Iris lives in beautiful St. Catharines, Canada–dangerously close to Ontario’s most beautiful wineries. She does marketing by day and is a hobbyist painter/toy customizer. She is also a heavy tea drinker/snob, gamer and fantasy nerd.