I am currently NOT taking additional work. I am slotted for 2017-2018. Thank you all for your interest! 

Commissions are truly where YOU (and your party of dungeon heros) can shine. You choose the figures and I can order them, paint them to your specifications and send them back to you to unleash upon unsuspecting foes. I can work on 25mm – 75mm scale minis. I may take on bigger casts IF I find the sculpt interesting.

I specialize in hero-type or adventuring-type miniatures, either tabletop quality or display/collection quality. Pricing will vary depending on which you prefer. They will be spray-primed, painted in artist grade materials and sealed 2-3 times by hand, so every nook and cranny will be covered.

Pricing starts at 20 USD (tabletop quality) sans miniature cost/shipping. You are also welcome to send me the miniature you want me to paint–it’s up to you! Just be sure to tack on tracking. Work completion can take anywhere from 1-4 weeks. You will be sent updates, I am really communicative.

All miniatures will be shipped to you with tracking and will be insured. I deal with all the claims and logistics should your package ever get lost in the deep, dark bowels of the mail room. During my time selling art, that has never happened so… /knocks on wood/


Why commission you?
A: I have over 10 years of experience in eCommerce and customer service (professionally) prior to my current career path in marketing. I prioritize your work always and will constantly keep you in the loop

What is tabletop quality vs. display/collector quality?
A: Tabletop quality will contain minimal painted details, shading and highlighting. It will look good in play and are meant to be a permanent part of your game. Display quality will look good on and off the table, but are mainly created for display and personal collections. You can see some of my work in my portfolio, which is updated constantly as I finish projects.

Will you take commissions of multiple figures?
A: Yes. I will do work on figures for boardgames like Super Dungeon Explore, Kingdom Death, Infinity, Malifaux, Warmachine/Hordes, Dungeons and Dragons PCs/NPCs, Warhammer heros/commanders, etc. Requests such as the above will take up considerable amount of time, but will still fall within the 1-4 week timeline unless otherwise specified to you beforehand. I may reject these requests if I don’t think I can fulfill it in a timely manner.

Can you expand on shipping, miniature costs, building and basing fees?
A: My starting rate ($20 USD) does not include shipping or miniature cost and only on 25-30mm miniatures. Pricing will increase depending on the complication of the build, size of the mini, basing materials, details you want and so on. If you’re unsure, just ask:)

How do I pay?
A: Once your commission is hammered out, I will send you a PayPal invoice. Alternatively, you can also request commissions and custom work via my Etsy. Either way, you are protected by PayPal’s buyer policy.

I like to blog about my work, so if you prefer to not have your commission published on my site, please let me know in advance. I respect your privacy. 

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